So tonight I took some time for me....well for me and some friends. One of my close friends celebrated a birthday yesterday and we always get together for each other's birthday. So the three amigos ventured out to a local restaurant called Kelsey's.....
to enjoy some good food, good company and many laughs. I needed that. I mean.....I REALLY NEEDED THAT!! And the best part was we didn't spend all night talking about Mr. B or even me for that matter. We just had a normal time of sharing and updating each other on the latest news. I'm not saying that we ignored the situation....we did talk about it but we didn't focus totally on it. At times the conversation would lead back to Mr. B or to my struggles, but we didn't dwell on it. I think this will help me in any future conversations I have with friends or family members and hopefully not dwell on the negative.
In honor of my friend's birthday, I've included a picture of some yellow roses from my garden or should I say my former garden. We live in a condo now. :-(
Joyce received a dozen yellow roses from her children for her birthday so I figure she would like that I've included this picture. I would have rather posted the photo I took of both my friends at dinner but I'm not sure that they would appreciate being displayed for the world to see. Not that that there's millions of people beating a path to my blog or anything. *g*

And then reality sets in. Just a few minutes ago, I heard Mr. B crying out in pain so I went to check on him. I asked if he was feeling some pain and he said yes. He felt like he needed to cough and when he tried it hurts. So I got out my papers about the Velcade and it said if the patient runs a fever or has a cough or chills to call the doctor. I took his temperature and it was pretty normal, 36.7, and the paper said if it was over 38. His temp has been running at 35 or 36 every other day. So I suggested we call the on-call oncologist just for reassurance that everything was ok. But Mr. B said no.   And so I will respect his wishes but now I'll be worried all night long and won't sleep a wink. *sigh*
I so respect all of you caregivers that have been dealing with this for years
7/19/2012 03:34:15 am

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7/19/2012 04:00:08 am

I'm glad that you found my blog, Hentai. Do you know someone that has Multiple Myeloma?


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