I know I've been missing in action since Daryl passed away. I'm afraid I've been in a bit of a fog. It's hard to concentrate or focus on many things right now. I find myself wandering from room to room in our condo, not sure what I want to do next. And mostly, I'm finding it hard to express myself with the written word. There is so much building up inside of me and I know I will want to share my feelings with all of you at some point but everything feels so raw right now.

Today was exactly 7 weeks since Daryl passed away. It feels so long ago. Sometimes I can't imagine how I will survive as I go forward. I already hate this "being alone" thing. I have never lived alone. I was married at 18 and moved right from my parent's home to our home together. If I thought our lives were quiet when Daryl was still here, it was nothing compared to the silence I'm now experiencing.

Please be patient with me. I've written some amazing blog pages in my head when I'm not anywhere close to a computer. I just hope I can remember some of it when I'm ready to share it here. :-)