Thunderstorms. I've always liked them believe it or not. But only when I'm safe inside. On the days when I took the bus and had to walk in a storm holding an umbrella, well....those days I felt very afraid. For the past week, I've been through an incredibly emotional thunderstorm. It started last Thursday....

I've just completed this book by Dawn White. On Friday we discovered that Cancer Care had a resource library for patients and their families. Imagine that? It only took us 5 weeks to even know it existed. Sheesh!! We walked out of there with our arms loaded with reading material. :-)

This book is written by a woman from Manitoba who's husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and how they learned to navigate the Manitoba Healthcare System. I could totally relate to so much of what she wrote and it gave me the courage to stand fast in asking for a different doctor.

I would encourage anyone that is going through a health crisis to read this book. Dawn offers so many good suggestions to help patients and their caregivers during their journey.