It's only 2 pm and I already feel like I've gone through a full day. This morning I had a bit of a scare. Well, it was more than a bit of a scare, it was a LOT of a scare!  We had an appointment at Cancer Care with a counselor and our volunteer driver was picking us up at 8:05 am. Just as I was putting my shoes on, I heard a loud crash and Mr. B started crying out in pain. All I could do was run to where he was while saying, "oh no, oh no, oh no". I think I was afraid because of the condition his bones are in and if he might have broken something. I found him on the floor in my office sitting on his butt. I did the 20 questions to find out what and where he was hurting and what level his pain was at. Then I ran to the living room to find the card I had for the on call oncologist. It took me a few minutes to find it I think because I was starting to panic a little. And I wasn't sure if I should even move him. After some mix up about which on call doctor should call me back, it was determined that Mr. B's own hematologist was in the building and she called me back after a few minutes. Well, she was no help at all. She said that we should go to his regular doctor or go to the emergency department. Then she said that I shouldn't call this number but rather just go to the emergency department for any future issues. I was dumbfounded. When we had a consult with the radiology nurses, they told us the exact opposite. They said to talk to the on call oncologist before we go to emergency because many issues can be resolved after talking with the doctor. She didn't even want to see him even though we were going to be at Cancer Care anyway and she was also there today. We've decided to ask for another doctor. Need I say more?

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