On December 30, 2011 Mr. B and I walked through the doors of the cancer treatment center for the first time. Little did we know that in a month we would hear the news that he had cancer. Truthfully....I was sure he would not survive the year. I've never seen anyone this sick before and he just seemed to get sicker after each treatment. Then his doctor gave him a vacation from the treatments and I started to see Mr. B recover. He was actually starting to enjoy life again. During the time up until this vacation we had hardly ever been out of the condo other than to treatments and doctor appointments. So we were elated when he felt well enough to attend the NBA basketball game in October. I wish I had taken more pictures. I took a quick one with my iPhone but I missed a golden opportunity to take a picture of Mr. B and the Minnesota Timberwolves mascot. He passed right behind us. A few weeks later Mr. B and I attended an awards night hosted by his employer. Mr. B was presented with a long service award. When he accepted the award, he announced that he was officially retiring in a few weeks. During his speech he was overwhelmed by tears several times. My heart just broke for him. I know that this was not the way that he wanted to retire. HIs plan was to work a few more years and then retire. Life had other plans though. :-(

And so we press on. We reach for the carrot that is dangling in front of us. We pray for a cure to this horrible cancer. Mr. B has started taking Revlimid. I have to admit, we had great hopes that it would work for him and it has...to a point. His protein numbers are starting to come down, but he seems to be getting worse physically. His hemoglobin is dropping. His platets are dropping and his kidney function is getting worse. It just doesn't make sense. I don't think I will ever understand this cancer.

But on a positive note, Mr. B did something that totally surprised me a few weeks ago. While we were shopping at Costco, he found something that he wanted to purchase....a guitar. Now if you know Mr. B, you would know that he has never shown an interest in learning to play a musical instrument. But I practically leaped over the aisle to get that guitar. If he wanted to strum that guitar even if he didn't play a note that was fine with me. He rarely shows any interest in hobbies so I was really excited that he wanted to learn to play the guitar. So far he hasn't done much playing or maybe he just does it when I'm not around. Right now he's really not been feeling well so he has been sleeping a lot. So the guitar waits for Mr. B to try his hand at making music. We all do. :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

12/20/2012 11:47:34 am

It sounds like the Rev is having a hard effect on his kidneys... make sure he is drinking LOTS of water. And I am intending you are both having a peaceful Christmas together, with perhaps a little strumming...

12/20/2012 03:05:43 pm

Merry Christmas to you too, Sandy!

12/21/2012 01:40:28 pm

dear shelley,

gald to read this update. i agree with sandy - the rev is sometimes a two-faced rascal. keeping hydrated is paramount to maintaining good kidney function. drinking small amounts more frequently, rather than large volumes at a time is less stressful.

perhaps mr. b would be soothed and maybe inspired to be serranaded by guitar music . i bet your local music store could help you hear some samples of the various genres on CDs he might like.

wishing you both good cheer and good music to accompany it,

karen, TC


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