Mr. B emptied the dishwasher tonight. Yep, you heard me right. I'll say it again just in case you missed it the first time. Mr. B emptied the dishwasher tonight. For some of you that might not seem like much of a feat, but Mr. B has basically done nothing except sit in his easy chair since about January 5. He has been in constant pain, from multiple locations in his back, ribs, shoulders, etc.

Today we actually ventured out of the condo to go somewhere other than one of his chemo treatments or doctor appointments. He felt good enough that he wanted to go out. Hallelujah!!! I was concerned that it might be too soon, but who am I to stop him? AND since our car had not been used for about 3 weeks, we discovered that the battery had gone dead and one tire was pretty low. But Mr. B jumped to action. I got the portable power thinga madooie (sorry, I have no idea what it's called. It's some kind of portable power device) out of the trunk. He hooked it up the the battery and started the car. She purred like a kitten. Then on to inflate the tire with a portable device that plugs into the car. We were on our way! We stopped at two stores for groceries and then had a quiet supper at Wendy's. When we got home, I think Mr. B had tired himself out so he sat down for a little while in his easy chair. Then I noticed he was hauling out his laundry hamper and preceded to start washing his clothes! From there, he started emptying the dishwasher. I finally had to reel him in and suggested that he take it easy and not overdo it. All I kept thinking was, "And this isn't even a Dex day! Wow!". I think he was just so overjoyed that he was feeling better that he wanted to do some of the basic things that he has been avoiding. It felt good to see him look so happy emptying the dishwasher. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off too soon. :-)

And in other good news, when we got home there was a message on our voice mail that we would be getting a phone call from our new doctor. It looks like our request to change doctors has been approved. Yippee!!

3/28/2012 12:55:17 pm

So happy to read the last two posts!!! :) :)

3/28/2012 09:43:24 pm

Love the cartoon! I'm also very glad you've had a bit of a reprieve. I'm praying for you guys.

8/26/2012 10:48:42 am

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2/13/2013 01:50:33 pm

Heh Mr. B emptied the dishwasher tonight! Its such a fun to read your blog seriously. Love your humor.

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8/18/2015 07:51:33 pm

My congratulations! I am very happy for Mr. B and wish him fast recovery!

9/7/2015 04:13:07 am

sad story....

12/23/2015 11:53:25 pm

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11/22/2016 12:07:14 am

Mr. B is definitely enjoying and feeling happy.

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