I've decided to create a forum for caregivers. I'm testing it out to see how it will go over and if caregivers will use it. I often have contact with other caregivers by email and have found great comfort from sharing our experiences together. I know that so much of what we share would be valuable for other caregivers to have access to.

Check it out and see what you think. You will have to register before you can post though. To visit the forum just click on the link at the top, "Caregivers Forum".

I hope you like it. :-)
10/9/2012 04:21:28 am

That is an amazing idea and I am intending it becomes a wonderful resources for those of us who are tending to our MM relatives or friends.

10/9/2012 06:47:33 am

Thank you, Sandy. I hope it will help share the burden on us caregivers. We often feel very alone in this journey.

Rita Rohr
2/22/2013 06:11:35 am


Thank you s much. My husband was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. I look forward to keeping in touch with you, as you help Mr. B with his care


2/22/2013 11:32:36 am


Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm sorry to hear that your husband has joined the roller coaster ride called Multiple Myeloma. Have you been to the forum yet? It's a good place to interact more directly with other MM caregivers.

8/27/2013 05:01:59 pm

Interesting thoughts, just wanted to mention I came from Google.


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