I'm learning pretty quickly that no two days are alike when you have a spouse with MM. Some days Mr. B is almost his normal, happy self. Other days like today, he hardly says a word to me. He talks only when spoken to. I'm never sure if I should try to bring him out of the funk he's in or just leave him alone to work through it. I wish this cancer came with a manual on how a caregiver should respond. 
On March 16 we have an appointment with a counselor at the hospital. We had to push to get an appointment but Mr. B was really struggling with all of this and I felt it was important to speak with a professional. I hope it will help Mr. B to cope with his depression. And I'm also hoping that I will also have some one on one time with the counselor because sometimes I don't think I'm coping very well either. How do caregivers not let their partner's mood affect them every day? I have much to learn about being a caregiver. I'm not sure that I am prepared to be on this roller coaster ride.
Angie Murray
3/11/2012 10:34:36 am

MEDICATION for YOU....that is how you deal. :-) Shelley....hope you don't mind....I found your blog from the MM facebook page. I started one myself....but with doing my husband's carepages....I have let MY blog go....but writing on his carepage DOES give me a great outlet....and us caregivers NEED that.

On the moods....I just don't know. My hubby has quiet days often. And sometimes when he isn't (example....Dex days).....I actually miss them. ha ha ha

Good luck on your journey. Don't give up hope. You will find out very soon that you are stronger than you ever thought you would be!

3/11/2012 01:47:55 pm

My medication would be chocolate. :-)

I thought of doing a CaringBridge page for my husband. I even went as far as registering one for him. I thought he might like to update it himself but he didn't seem at all interested when I suggested it. I guess I could do it for him, but then I wouldn't likely have time to update this blog.

And I can sure tell when Mr. B is on dex days. He's much more like his original self. Talks back to the baskeball players, curlers etc. LOL


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