So for the past week Mr. B has not been feeling well. He has been experiencing repeated episodes of nausea and vomiting/retching. So he was also not drinking or eating much during this time. It started with maybe one or two times a day and increased by Friday to 4 or 5 times a day. So I called his nurse. She checked with his doctor and they wanted him to go to the hospital to be looked at.

For a change we were seen pretty quickly in the ER but it took until midnight before they hooked up an IV drip to hydrate him. They also gave him anti-nausea meds by IV. A few hours later they made him eat some crackers and drink some juice. Since he didn't throw that up, they sent him home. 

And we are back at square one. He started the day with the same thing and has had at least 3 episodes again. It's not like he's nauseated all day long. It comes on very suddenly and takes so much out of him. All he does is sleep all day. I expect an


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    Medical Journal

    I will be detailing Mr. B's treatments and how he is doing medically on this page. I thought it might be better to have it on a separate page for any new readers to access. I know how much it helped me to read about other patient's experiences with Multiple Myeloma.


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