So I was right to worry about Mr. B. 

On Monday, May 14 we arrived at Cancer Care for a meeting with a dietitian. Our volunteer driver dropped us off a little early so we decided to wait in the library. It's a nice quiet place to wait between appointments and the volunteers take good care of the patients there. Mr. B made a beeline (pardon the pun *g*) to one of the easy chairs in the back room looking like death warmed over. We had about 20 minutes before the appointment so I suggested that I go by myself to see the dietitian and let Mr. B rest. Right after this appointment he had his chemo treatment so I thought it was better that he be rested for that. When I returned from the meeting, he seemed a little better and told me that he had become very dizzy and nauseated during the ride to Cancer Care. I was concerned about how he would be for the chemo treatment but as always, he perked up as soon as the chemo nurses started to fuss over him.

That night Mr. B still was very congested and I was still very concerned. I had to work out of the home the next day and I asked him before I left if he was feeling ok. He assured me that he was and as usual, I believed him. I'm really beginning to think that he has a very poor concept of how he is really feeling.

When I got home from work I made him take his temperature just in case it was turning into an infection. No temperature so I thought we were ok. Later that evening while I was chatting on the phone to my sister, I could hear Mr. B's lungs seemed to have a rattle while he was sleeping. I touched his arm and asked if he was having problems breathing and he said yes. I quickly got off the phone and asked him if I should call an ambulance and he said while gasping for air, "Call 911". And so he had his first ambulance ride since this nightmare started and I suspect that it won't be his last one.

The diagnosis was pneumonia and he was kept in the hospital for 6 nights. He is still coughing and it sounds very much like bronchitis. The hospital started him on an inhaler so hopefully that will eventually help. We have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and will learn if there is any new course of action. Mostly it would be good to find a solution to his pain. He's finding it very hard to get comfortable because of the pain. And there's nothing that seems to help it, not even the morphine.

I will post more after we meet with the doctor.


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