Feb 27/12: First chemo treatment with Velcade (infusion) and oral Dexamethasone. (Will continue weekly)
Mar 2/12 Blood Test Results:  M Protein Level 66, Lambda Free Light Chain 243.75

Mar 21/12: Hospitalized with multiple blood clots in both lungs (Pulmonary Emboli)

Mar 30/12 Blood Test Results:  M Protein 55, Lambda FLC 565

Apr 23/12: Added new drug to chemo, Cyclophosphamide

Apr 27/12 Blood Test:  M Protein 73   This concerns me that the protein numbers went up after the first treatment with the new drug. Although Mr. B had been very nauseated that week from the cyclophosphamide and hardly ate or drank anything all week. He also lost 5 pounds. From what I understand, dehydration can cause the numbers to go up. I'll need to clarify that with the doctor.

May 8/12: Mr. B seemed to have more problems with his chemo treatment from the day before. He said his body hurt all over. By Thursday afternoon (May 10) he was starting to experience chest pressure. His voice started to sound very heavy like it had when he had the PE so he called his nurse on May 11. She advised him to go right to emergency at the hospital. After 8 hours of waiting to be seen by a doctor, an X-ray and CT scan were done. No blood clots were present but the doctor did say that there were two new lesions on his spine that had not been there on the previous CT scan done on Mar 21. This was devastating to Mr. B because the doctor said his cancer was getting worse. I tried to remind him that we did know that there were more lesions from the first MRI that was taken in Feb. It was possible that the earlier CT scan did not pick them up at that time and although they might have gotten a little worse, that didn't mean that they needed to be treated. The doctor discharged him from the hospital but he is still experiencing chest congestion. It's possible that he has a chest cold but it certainly is worse than most people get. We'll talk to his nurse tomorrow when Mr. B goes for his chemo treatment.

And the fun continues.....


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